Gina Hawkins is the executive director of Keep Alachua County Beautiful organization. She posseses a B.S. in Conservation and Resource Development from the University of Maryland, and an M.S. in Food and Resource Economics. Gina worked for the City of Gainesville as a Recycling Coordinator for 15 years, before being shifted into a Public Information Officer position. She subsequently was hired by Keep Alachua County Beautiful as the new Executive Director in 2012.

Dan is a long time Alachua County resident participating in the KACB Graffiti Abatement Program for over 3 years, racking up thousands of graffiti removals. Appreciation for local environmental beauty is his reason for happily serving and promoting the efforts of KACB.

Many thanks from businesses, officials, locals and visitors too, that encourage continuation and friendly discussions of the importance of citizen involvement to discourage graffiti by prompt graffiti or litter removals, reporting incidences and requesting assistance; such activeness tends to discourage vandals and instill community pride, translating into increased local property values, tourism, business patronage, etc.

Citizens who wish to report graffiti should contact the KACB office with a nearest address for the location and brief description and/or photo of the article tagged. Efforts will be made for quickest removal of graffiti reported.

Our organization relies on the support of the community for many of our projects. The following businesses and invidivudals share the belief in our mission to beautify, conserve resources, recycle, educate and preserve our community's environmental legacy.

A special thanks to the many Buisinesses and Organizations that have helped us make this community great:

Adam's Rib Co (2014)  Akira Wood  (2015) Alachua County (1991) Bento's (2015)  Bike Ped Advisory Board (2014)

Burkhardt Distributors (2014)  Calton Dental Labs (2015)• Centel Cellular (1991)  Chestnut Hill Tree Farm (2015)

City of Gainesville (1991)  DeConna Ice Cream (2014)  DJ Krashpad (2014)  Domino's Pizza (1995)

Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce (1995) • Gainesville Self Storage (2015)  ICM Printing (1991)  Lowe's (2012)

Mildred's Big City Food (2014)  Niagra (2014)  Publix (2014)  Recycling Services of Amerca (2014)  Signs by Tomorrow (2014)

State of Florida Dept. of Transportation  Suntrust Bank (1991)  The Impostors (2014)  Unified Training Center (2014)

WastePro (2004)  Watson Construction (2014)  WCA (2014)

And a heartfelt thanks to all of the individuals that give so much to Keep Alachua County Beautiful:


Alan Shapiro (2014) • Amy (2014) • Bob Shires • Bob White (1991) • Carl Cline (2014) • Chris Cano • Daniel Greene (2014)

David Pais (2014) • Dayna Miller • Deb Beitrusten (2014) • Ed Rowe (1991) • Ernest Graham • Florence Cline • Freddy Wehbe

Gail Sasnett • James Colaw • Jeanice Gage • Jerry Williamson (2014) • Jim Bacom • Jody Davis (1991)

Joseph Floyd • Justin Jacobson • Kenneth McGurn (Liftime Member) • Kristin Benedini • Linda McGurn (Lifetime Member)

Nancy Baldwin • Nelda Bid (2014 )• Patrick Irby • Randolph Hein (2015) • Robeta Lopez (2015) • Sally Palmi  Shaun Brown (2014)

Steve Joplin • Steve Scanlan • Steven M. Szanca • Susan Thrall (2015) • Theresa Spurling-Wood • Tim Vinson • Tom Jaworski

Wendi Bellows