Trip to Leveda Brown Environmental Park

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Trip to Leveda Brown Environmental Park

The staff and volunteers of Keep Alachua County Beautiful made a trip to the Leveda Brown Environmental Park. Shelley Samec acted as our tour guide, showing the group how Alachua County manages waste and recyclables. 

The facility offers many services that residents may not know about. There is compost freely available to all Alachua County residents, near the entrance of the facility. Recylables are sorted by type, with contminated product being sent out of county to landfills. Appliances and yard waste are staged nearby.

The facility also practices sustainabilty in other progressive ways. Cooking oil is cleaned and reprocessed, eventually being turned into bio-diesel used to partly fuel the trucks and a generator on the facility. Solar panels are found towards the back, providing power for the area; this helps reduce costs and offsets their carbon footprint.

Paint is recycled, and any paint that can still be used is set aside to be given to residents for no cost.

KACB would like to thank Shelley and all of the staff at the facility for showing us how our home is taken care of. 


To sign up for a free tour, please call 352-548-1297