adopt a road

We should be proud of our community's roadways, and we want to keep them neat and clean. Groups can adopt a one-mile section of roadway and are then responsible for a minimum of 1 cleanup every 3 months. All of the supplies you will need to complete your group's cleanups will be provided by KACB. Your group's name will be featured prominently at the beginning and end of the section of road you adopt.

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Report on Your Quarterly Cleanups


                                       Current Roads:

Road Adopted by:
SW 8th Ave. between SW 91st St. and Tower Rd.  Gainesville Triathlon Club 
Fort Clark Blvd. from W Newberry Rd. to NW 23 Ave. Trilogy School  
N Main St. between 39th Ave. and 8th Ave. Gainesville Cycling Club       
NE 16th Ave. between NE 2nd St. and Waldo Rd.           
NE 16th Ave. between NW 13th St. and NE 2nd St.  Alachua County Emerging Leaders
North Main St. NE 23 Av./NE 39 Ave.
NW 16 Ave. from NW 13 St. to North Main St.
NW 16 Ave. from NW 34 St. to NW 13th St. Beta Chi Theta
NW 16 Blvd. from NW 43 St. to NW 34 St. SharpSpring 
NW 23 Ave. from NW 59 Terr. to NW 43 St. Dance Marathon at UF 
NW 23 Ave. from NW 83 St. to NW 59 Terr.
NW 23 Ave. from NW 98 St. to NW 83 St.
NW 23rd Ave. between NW 83rd St. and NW 43rd St.
NW 39 Ave. from NW 143 St. to NW 108 Blvd.
NW 43 St. from 39 Av. to NW 53 Ave.
NW 43 St. from NW 53 Av. to NW 73 Ave. K. Olmos PhD 
NW 43 St. from SR-26 to NW 8 Ave.
NW 51st St.- from NW 23 Av. To NW 39 Ave.
NW 55 St./NW 27 Ave. from NW 23 Ave. To NW 51 St. Buchholz DECA 
NW 83 St. from NW 23 Ave. To NW 39 Ave.
NW 98 St. from Newberry Rd. (SR 26) to NW 23 Ave.
SE 15th St. Between Hawthorne Rd. and SE 41st Ave.
SE 27 St. from SE 41 Ave. To Hawthorne Rd.
SE 35th St. from Hawthorne Rd. South
SE 43 St. from Hawthorne Rd. to NE SR-26 Sigma Kappa 
SW 20 Ave. from I-75 to SW 34 St.  Zeta Kappa Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity
SW 24 Ave. from SW 122 St. to SW 91 St. The Rock 
SW 24 Ave. from SW 91 St. to SW 75 St. Oak Hall Middle School
SW 24th Ave. between SW 122nd St. and SW 75th St.
SW 42/43 St. from SW 20 Av. To 40 Blvd.
SW 46 Blvd. from the end of 46 Blvd. to Tower Road
SW 75 St. from SW 42 Pl. to SW 24 Ave. Harben Family and Friends 
SW 75 St. from W. Univ. Ave. to SW 24 Ave.
SW 8 Ave. from SW 91 Av. to SW 75 St.
SW 8 Ave. between SW 91st St. and SW 122nd St.  
SW 91 St. from NW 83 St to NW 39 Ave.
SW 91st St. between Newberry Rd. and SW 8th Ave.
SW 91st St. between SW 8th Ave. and SW 24th Ave. Gator Scooter 
W Univ. Ave. Ext. from NW 75 St. to East End
SW 170th St, from 14C Rd. to SW 139th Ave. Matchmaker Realty
Millhopper Road from NW 43rd Street to the entrance of Springforest Subdivision. Maurice Santasier, A Teacher for a Lifetime