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Volunteers for the 2017-2018 Great American Cleanup are encouraged to pickup their supplies and assignments before the date of their event.  Whether you and/or your group will be painting, planting or picking up trash and recyclables on Saturday, April 7, or another date, we can set you up with litter grabbers, safety vests, trash or recycling bags, gloves and a first aid kit BEFORE your event.  This will allow you to get started right away and make the most of your event.  Our main event will take place at Massey Park, at 1001 NW 34th Street in Gainesville, at 8am on Saturday, April 7.

Supplies can be returned on the Monday or Tuesday after your event or at the Thank You party at Albert "Ray" Massey Westside Park at NOON  on Saturday, April 7. Pizza, drinks and prizes will be given away at the Thank You party. Whether you come to the party or not, be sure to turn in your supplies and VOLUNTEER SUMMARY SHEET.

We will also have a drawing for those participants that capture the day through photographs.  Each photograph entered on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram equals a chance to win.  You can get some ideas from our photo gallery. 

KACB tags and addresses are:

Twitter @keepacbeautiful

Facebook:  Keep Alachua County Beautiful

Instagram: keepalachuacountybeautiful

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