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COVID-19 Update

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Keeping Alachua County Beautiful (KACB) will continue to take the appropriate safety measures in order to continue to provide a safe experience for volunteers. Volunteers will have access to sanitized supplies and are able to continue to support the community through social distancing. Maintaining the beauty of Alachua County is only possible with the assistance of hardworking volunteers and KACB is committed to assisting the public perform community service in a safe manner.

Keep Alachua County Beautiful (KACB), a nonprofit based in Gainesville, FL works to promote environmental conservation, beautification and education throughout the community. COVID-19 has not affected this mission, although it has challenged KACB and the community at large. One of the best ways to help keep our community beautiful is by volunteering to: pickup litter; paint over graffiti; plant trees, shrubs, flowers, or vegetable gardens; or pull invasive plants .

To get involved, call 352-371-9444 to set up an appointment for supplies pickup. An assignment, equipment, and supplies can be picked up at your convenience but an appointment is needed. These measures ensure social distancing throughout the entire volunteer process. All equipment is sanitized after service and can be borrowed for up to two weeks. For any further questions or assistance, please call 352-371-9444.

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