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Meet Our Staff

Akshita Veerani 


Sustainability Program Coordinator

Akshita Veerani has an M.A. in Water Sustainability and Management along with a B.A. in Interior Design and Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation from PCGS University of South Florida. She is responsible for managing all our volunteers, and educating them about our beautification projects including, gardening, litter removal, and cigarette abatement programs. She began her career as an Interior Designer but her lifelong interest in the environment made her take up Sustainability. Throughout her career, she was guided with the belief to only think of creative ways to save our environment either through her designing or through litter abatement programs.

Janelle Puckering


Communications Coordinator and Environmental Education Specialist

Janelle Puckering is a Public Relations and English senior at the University of Florida. She manages communication and runs the SWAG Environmental Education Program. Janelle enjoys teaching and organizing litter cleanups.

Dan Green


Graffiti Prevention Specialist

Dan is a long time Alachua County resident participating in the KACB Graffiti Abatement Program for over 4 years, racking up thousands of graffiti removals. Appreciation for local environmental beauty is his reason for happily serving and promoting the efforts of KACB.

Many thanks from businesses, officials, locals and visitors too, that encourage continuation and friendly discussions of the importance of citizen involvement to discourage graffiti by prompt graffiti or litter removals, reporting incidences and requesting assistance; such activeness tends to discourage vandals and instill community pride, translating into increased local property values, tourism, business patronage, etc.

Citizens who wish to report graffiti should contact the KACB office with a nearest address for the location and brief description and/or photo of the article tagged. Efforts will be made for quickest removal of graffiti reported.

Jacquie Garvey 

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-06 at 13.52.14_ad555732.jpg

Events Program Coordinator

Crushed lots of the rock that DC Metro is built on. Was a Jet Engine Metalsmith Apprentice at Pratt and Whitney Aircraft, Magician's Assistant - sawed in 3 pieces. Love customer service and working at tabling events to bring volunteers to Keep Alachua County Beautiful.

Meet Our Interns


Joseph Molina

Computer and Information Systems Intern

Joseph Molina is a Computer Science student at the University of Florida with a passion for software development and an even bigger one for sustainability. He has also interned with Amazon Robotics and Collins Aerospace but he loves doing meaningful work with the team at KACB.


Nikki Garvey

Grant Specialist Intern

Nikki Garvey, a 4th year Sustainability and Business Management student at the University of Florida, is our dedicated Grant Specialist Intern. Passionate about climate science and ESGs, Nikki combines academic prowess with practical skills to acquire funding and community support for our sustainable initiatives.

Screenshot 2023-10-24 223059.png

Madison Lopez

Communications Intern

Madison Lopez is an English major at the University of Florida with minors in Sustainability Studies and Wildlife Ecology and Conservation. In her free time, she likes to learn languages, write, rock climb, and volunteer at local gardens over the weekends. Madison enjoys working with KACB and hopes to expand her experience with grant writing and outreach coordination.


Victoria Grant

Communications Intern

Victoria Grant is a Legal History and Public Relations major at the University of Florida with interests in social media management, art, and law. She has also interned for other non-profits in Gainsville such as Cinema Verde. Victoria is currently helping to develop our social media accounts.

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