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Benefits of Keep Alachua County Beautiful


As an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Keep Alachua County Beautiful believes that each of us holds an obligation to preserve and protect our environment. Through our everyday choices and actions we collectively have a huge impact on our world. Its really a simple concept but one with far reaching effects.

Keep Alachua County Beautiful works throughout the year to improve our community through painting planting cleaning and more. We take small steps to make Alachua County an amazing place to live.

KEEP AMERICA BEAUTIFUL 2020 National Litter Study

pieces of litter are on the ground in America:

24 BILLION pieces along roadways (2.587 pieces per mile)
26 BILLION pieces along waterways (2,411 pieces per mile)
Litter is significant and solvable.

This image is from the Keep America Beautiful 2020 National Litter Study, which found that there are nearly 50 billion pieces of litter on the ground in America. The image also highlights the fact that litter is a significant problem, but it is also solvable.

You can help to keep America beautiful by picking up litter when you see it, recycling whenever possible, and composting food scraps and yard waste. You can also support Keep America Beautiful and other organizations that are working to reduce litter and protect our environment.

Cost-Benefit Ratio

As you can see, we work on a small budget while managing to provide a current cost-benefit ratio of $8.57 per dollar. We accomplish this by using city, county, and state government funding to leverage private corporate and individual contributions in-kind donations and, most importantly, unpaid interns and thousands of volunteer hours annually.

Through the continued support of KAB as well as our local sponsors, we were able to mobilize over 5,500 volunteers. These volunteers aided with community beautification and restoration. Volunteers assisted in landscaping projects that we held within our county to improve public areas within the community.

All nine incorporated municipalities of Alachua County held a Great American Cleanup main event. Over 72,000 pounds of tires were collected over nine tire collection events, including 30,400 pounds of tires from the Gainesville/Alachua County main event. Our projects varied from the typical street cleanup; we also complete cemetery restoration, waterway cleanups, invasive plant removal, tree planting, youth education through SWAG, and much more. KACB brings groups together for larger cleanups outside of the main event, such as for the MLK Day of Service and the Clean Creeks Revival, among other events.


There are numerous benefits to becoming a KACB member. Engaging to a greater degree with your neighbors and fellow business owners in an effort to beautify the spaces we inhabit creates a stronger sense of community. Membership funds support programming that encourages active participation in civic life for adults and children helps to implement environmentally sound waste disposal and recycling practices throughout the county and which educates citizens on gardening and beautification projects. Additional uses of these funds include the research and development of new and innovative programs which will allow us the opportunity to educate greater numbers of people about the work that we do. KACB needs the support of individuals and the businesses community in order to continue on in its efforts to build and enhance a caring ethic among the citizens of Alachua County.


If you are interested in volunteering feel free to contact us at 352-371-9444

email us at greatamericancleanup.kacb@gmail com or fill out a volunteer form.

If you would like to become a member contact us at 352-371-9444

or email us at greatamericancleanup.kacb@gmail com

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