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Meet Our Staff

Carlos Gonzalez


Executive Director

Carlos Gonzalez has been active in the not-for-profit sector since 2019. He holds a BFA from The Pacific Northwest College of Art. Before moving to Gainesville in 2019, he enjoyed a career as an art teacher in Miami. Prior to working with KACB, Carlos was Executive Director of Conservation Burial Incorporated which oversees Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery. He recently served on the national board of the Conservation Burial Alliance. Throughout his career he always had a deep connection with nature and its need for protection. He was taught early on that “If you make a mess you'd better clean it up!”. This was never truer; we must encourage everyone to "clean the planet". Carlos is keen on litter prevention education, promoting methods of recycling and reuse, and beautifying our county’s environment for future generations. When he can, Carlos enjoys cooking for his family, spending time in the outdoors and tending to his gardens. 

Dan Green


Graffiti Prevention Specialist

Dan is a long time Alachua County resident participating in the KACB Graffiti Abatement Program for over 4 years, racking up thousands of graffiti removals. Appreciation for local environmental beauty is his reason for happily serving and promoting the efforts of KACB.

Many thanks from businesses, officials, locals and visitors too, that encourage continuation and friendly discussions of the importance of citizen involvement to discourage graffiti by prompt graffiti or litter removals, reporting incidences and requesting assistance; such activeness tends to discourage vandals and instill community pride, translating into increased local property values, tourism, business patronage, etc.

Citizens who wish to report graffiti should contact the KACB office with a nearest address for the location and brief description and/or photo of the article tagged. Efforts will be made for quickest removal of graffiti reported.

Meet Our Interns


Sarah Frank

Communications Intern

Sarah is a senior at the University of Florida studying Advertising with a minor in Business Administration. She loves spending time outdoors and near the water- whether it's a beach, pool, lake, or spring. Her enjoyment of nature and desire to maintain its beauty brought her to Keep Alachua County Beautiful. She loves that as a Social Media and Advertising intern, she is able to support these goals in a creative way. Outside of work, Sarah can often be found reading, travelling, and spending time with family. 


Claudia Schmidt

Communications Intern

Claudia Schmidt is a third-year MPMT major concentrating on Digital TV and Film. Her passion for conservation sparked doing an internship with the Student Conservation Association in the Payette National Forest, and she looks forward to continuing conservation work on a local level. Claudia loves working at KACB, where she combines her passion for nature and production on the Social Media team.  

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