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Gina Hawkins, Executive Director

Gina Hawkins

Executive Director

Gina Hawkins is the executive director of Keep Alachua County Beautiful organization. She possesses a B.S. in Conservation and Resource Development from the University of Maryland, and an M.S. in Food and Resource Economics. Gina worked for the City of Gainesville as a Recycling Coordinator for 15 years, before being shifted into a Public Information Officer position. She subsequently was hired by Keep Alachua County Beautiful as the new Executive Director in 2012.

Tyler Smith, Assistant Director

Tyler Smith

Interim Executive Director - Assistant Director

Tyler Smith has an M.A. in Historic Preservation along with B.A.'s in Geography and Political Science from the University of Florida. Throughout his academic and professional career, Tyler has worked heavily in the academic and nonprofit sectors of our local Gainesville community. Tyler is currently spearheading a unique effort in community stabilization that saves historic homes from demolition by reusing and rehabilitating these underappreciated assets. His educational and professional pursuits continue to highlight the need for grassroots community empowerment alongside his multidisciplinary perspective on community resiliency. Tyler rejoins KACB after working for the National Park Service’s Climate Disaster & Resiliency Response Program.

Gina Hawkins, Executive Director

Dan Green

Graffiti Prevention Specialist

Dan is a long time Alachua County resident participating in the KACB Graffiti Abatement Program for over 4 years, racking up thousands of graffiti removals. Appreciation for local environmental beauty is his reason for happily serving and promoting the efforts of KACB.

Many thanks from businesses, officials, locals and visitors too, that encourage continuation and friendly discussions of the importance of citizen involvement to discourage graffiti by prompt graffiti or litter removals, reporting incidences and requesting assistance; such activeness tends to discourage vandals and instill community pride, translating into increased local property values, tourism, business patronage, etc.

Citizens who wish to report graffiti should contact the KACB office with a nearest address for the location and brief description and/or photo of the article tagged. Efforts will be made for quickest removal of graffiti reported.

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