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Community Gardens

We continue to partner with GROW HUB and other community gardens all over Alachua County.
They provide opportunity for hands on experience in gardening.


Groups can adopt a one-mile section of roadway and are then responsible for a minimum of 1 cleanup every 3 months.

After-School Environmental Program  

Our Keep SWAG Beautiful program teaches children about key facets of environmental science, which they apply through hands-on experience.

Graffiti Abatement

KACB has a long history of graffiti abatement. Through our program, sites are identified, owners' permission is sought, and the vandalism is repaired.

Litter Prevention and Abatement

Keep Alachua County Beautiful is committed to addressing the problem of litter as a health and safety concern as well as an aesthetic blight.

Cigarette Litter Prevention Program

 We want to change the patterns of behavior of Gainesville smokers by educating the community on the issues of cigarette litter. 

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