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Vegetable Garden

Community Gardens & Tree Plantings

our tueday's are at dreamers garden

Dreamers Community Garden

Porters Quarters Community Farm

We partner with the Dreamers Community Garden, focusing on sending volunteers to assist with different projects.

Our partnership includes weekly work sessions at the Dreamers garden on Tuesdays from 9-11 AM. There are various projects inside, outside and nearby Dreamers garden, including installation initiatives, landscaping, planting, upkeep and cleanups.


If interested, register here.

We partner with the Porters Quarters Community Farm, and have an established volunteer date from Saturdays 9-11am. If interested, register here.

Grow Hub

Online IFAS webinars about how to prepare a garden plot and compost have been especially popular and we have promoted them to teachers and parents as a means of engaging our youth in a productive gardening endeavor. The GROW HUB employs a coordinator who is specifically tasked with working to install gardens for children and youth, but this work has pivoted toward advice on suitable plants for North Central Florida gardens. GROW HUB 


If interested, register here.🡥

We continue to partner with the GROW HUB to establish community gardens.





Duval Community Garden

We partner with the Duval Community Garden. Beginning October 17th, gardeners will be on site Tuesdays from 4- 6pm. If interested, register here.

Cone Park Community Garden

We partner with the Fred Cone Park Community Garden. If interested, register here.

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